How to apply

For our general Southern African Fund, there is no application form. Applicants should send a brief proposal (no more than 3 pages), a CV, a budget and where possible a letter of support from an editor/publisher/broadcaster to We accept applications at any time.

From time to time, we issue calls for applications from multiple African countries or on specific themes. These calls will stipulate how to apply. To be on our mailing list for these calls, write to

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Please ensure that your application deals with the following:

1. How does your story serve the public interest?

2. Is the story investigative in nature? What does it hope to uncover? What is the minimum story you can deliver (ie if you don’t uncover what you seek to uncover) and what is the maximum?

2. How will you approach the story? Please emphasise any part of your approach that is unusual, creative or innovative.

3. Do you have the skills and experience to deliver on this proposal, or might you benefit from a mentor?

4. Where do you intend to publish/broadcast and what is your relationship with this outlet/s? What will you do to maximise the impact of the story? If it is being published online, will it be behind a paywall?

5. What is your timeframe/deadline?

6. Supply a detailed budget, a full CV and, where possible, a letter of support from the publisher/broadcaster.

Please read the grant rules carefully.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.